Speciality Converters

Non-Isolated RS-485 Converters

Extend communications up to 4,000 feet

These converters are perfect for applications that don’t require isolation or port-powered capability. All models include Automatic Send Data Control, eliminating the need for software modification.

Model 485COSR is an economical converter that supports both 2-wire and 4-wire RS-485 communications. There is also provision for constant enable of the receiver during transmit for full duplex operation.

Model 485TBLED is one of our most popular models with data traffic LEDs, RS-422/485 support, and either Automatic Send Data Control or software driver control.

Model 485PTBR has a convenient terminal block that quickly unplugs from the converter for ease of wiring.

Model 485CSP2 features both surge controlled and fused data lines on the RS-422/485 side plus all the features of model 485TBLED.

Model No.
RS-232 Connector
RS-485 Connector
Power Supply
Special Features
DB25 female
DB25 male
For 2- or 4-wire RS-485.
Full duplex operation possible
DB25 female
Terminal block
Data flow LEDs. SDC or software driver control
DB9 female
Pluggable terminal block
Quick disconnect. Can also be set to 4-wire full duplex RS-485
DB25 female
Fused terminal block
Built-in surge protection and replaceable fuses on RS-485 side.
LEDs show traffic. For 2- or 4-wire RS-485 or RS-422.