Wireless Ethernet Bridge - Ghostbridge

Fast, easy and secure wireless Ethernet right out of the box!

Why run cables when wireless is this simple and inexpensive?

A Complete Solution

Everything you need in one box.

Included in each set all ready to go you get 2 GhostBridge Wireless Ethernet Bridges (with integral pole-mount brackets), 2 AC PoE adapters and 2 DC PoE adaptersWireless Ethernet was never this inexpensive, or this easy.

Another simple, rugged and reliable connectivity solution.

Zero Set-up

Works right out of the box. Aim it, mount it and plug it in. That’s it.The built-in sector antenna gives you 80 degrees of coverage solining them up is easy, even if you don’t have a clear line of sight.We even include 24V PoE adapters that you can use with AC or DCpower.

High Speed

At up to 150 Mbps, there are no bottlenecks or latency problems,even with demanding applications like video.

Long Range

The built-in sector antenna with a whopping 15 dBi gain gives youup to 9 miles of range with no external antenna. That’s a lot of cablethat you don’t need to buy or install. Bridge two separate networksor connect hard to reach nodes.

Worry-free security

WPA2 128-bit security right out of the box, so there’s no need to gothrough an extensive set-up to keep your data safe.

Model No.
5 GHz Secure Wireless Ethernet Bridge (2-pack)
2.4 GHz Secure Wireless Ethernet Bridge(2-pack)
You may also need....
Swivel wall-mount bracket, sold individually
MOCAP silicone installation tape - 36 foot roll, 1 inch wide (used to wrap antenna connections)